• PD2-34
    Electric Scroll Compressor
    1, Low power consumption to achieve a large cooling capacity, high energy efficiency ratio, stable cooling capacity.
    2. Integrated design, simple structure, small volume, light weight and high volume efficiency.
    3. The compressor is directly driven by the power supply, with continuous and stable suction and exhaust, small vibration and low noise.
    4, Compressor parts, simple operation, reliable operation, high degree of automation, easy to install, low failure rate, simple maintenance.

Range of effect:

Posung Electric Compressor - R134A/R1234yf refrigerant series products are suitable for Electric Vehicles , Hybrid Electric Vehicles , Trucks , Construction Vehicles , High-speed Trains , Electric Yachts , Electric Air-conditioning Systems , Parking Cooler , etc.
Posung Electric Compressor - R404A refrigerant series products are suitable for  Industrail / Commercial Cryogenic Refrigerantion , Transportation Refrigerantion Equipment(Refrigeranting Vehicles,etc),Refrigerantion And Condensing units , etc.

Main technical parameters
Comperssor TypeElectric Scroll Compressor
VoltageDC 48V/60V/72V/96V/144V/312V/540V
Speed range1200~6000rpm
Displacement34 ml/r
Max. Refrigerating capacity7460 W
RefrigerantR134a / R404a / R1234YF
Net Mass5.8 KG
Rated condition
Evaporation temp.: 7℃
Condensing temp.: 55℃
Ambient temp.: 35℃
Return gas temp.: 17℃
Liquid temp. entering expansion valve: 47℃